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Read the mood, Amanda. GEEZ.

Slow clap for Amanda, bein’ a real friendo rn. Good job reading the mood. Also, I lied last update. There’s one more page in this chapter after this page, then we’re on to Chapter 3.


There’s only one page left in this chapter! Not counting this one! Chapter 3 takes place in a new setting sooooooo… I’ve got some backgrounds to draw, y’all. It’s outdoors, but I don’t know if that makes it easier or not. I haven’t decided how much city background you’ll be able to see which is the biggest factor. While I don’t want to be lazy, I also don’t want to spend 20 hours creating scene backgrounds you won’t actually be able to see properly anyway.


Emo Poets Society, as it were?

These darn emo kids and their darn poetry, amiright? What’s funny to me is that Amanda, while mocking Kevin’s lit knowledge, doesn’t even like poetry. She likes being smart, successful, and well-educated, though, so if she’s expected to learn poetry then by god, she’ll learn the poetry. Doesn’t mean she’ll like it, though. And unfortunately for her, it does mean she probably won’t really get in depth with understanding it either. Welp. Can’t be good at everything. Deciding you don’t like the things you aren’t good at is way easier anyway.

Here, have some links for further reading.

Little Red Cap, by Carol Ann Duffy

Alice Walker’s Official Website

To Change the World Enough, by Alice Walker

I Will Keep Broken Things, by Alice Walker

Going Out to the Garden, by Alice Walker

You don’t need to read each poem to understand the scene or to get anything coming up in Tomodachi Forever, not really, but there IS a reason each character is drawn to each poem they’ve chosen. Pretty much any time you see a specific song, poem, etc mentioned, it means something. Plus I just can’t help sharing the things I like with y’all. <3

Half-Assed Rhymes

Fun note: I had learned the E.E. Cummings styled himself as e e cummings, but I double-checked for this page and GUESS WHAT? He utilized decapitalization extensively in his work, but apparently did not extend that to his own name. Here’s more info, for the curious.

Some background links on the name drops in case you’re curious:

E. E. Cummings, poet

Todd Melicker, poet

Josh Ramsay, of pop punk band Marianas Trench

Alex Gaskarth, of pop punk band All Time Low

Max Bemis, of punk band Say Anything.

P!nk, aka Pink, US pop star

What’s-his-name, of hey, there will be always be some new pop star or child actor whose messy transition into adulthood with fame and money is publicly broadcast and we’ll all watch their meltdown, shake our heads, and indulge in copious amounts of judging people we don’t actually know.

I’ve also now broken the 1-word page naming pattern because I try to pull from dialogue on the page and this was worth it.



Oh, Maddy! You’re too gosh darned cute.



After I had the entire page done, except for backgrounds, I had to redraw Kevin in panel 3. He originally looked rather sheepish, which is so not Kevin. He’s an ambitious kid, but that’s when it comes to things like his music (hence acing the poetry journal). The rest of it? Fuck it. Perfect is the enemy of done, and the time he spends on homework he’s not working.


Amanda's havin' some feels about this ish.

Ms. Singh is pretty cool. Good sense of priorities.


Hi, Professor Singh! Ms. Singh is the 9th-12th grade English teacher at Westlayan Upper School and I suspect she’s quite acquainted with Kevin’s antics by now.

Fun note: my kids have watched a lot of Magic School Bus, so when I wanted to shorten Biiku’s dialogue (she previously mentioned she went to a private parochial school, St. Francis) there was really only one choice.




I almost named this page “Disgusting” but I thought it was a bit negative to follow up “Blech” with, especially since I, personally, don’t think Nancy and Kevin are being all that gross. Okay, maybe a little.



I have this semi-serious intention to write Tomodachi Forever as a novel so that y’all can have it all at once instead of tiny piece by tiny piece, but then when I do the pages I often wind up changing small bits of the script, so then the novel wouldn’t entirely match up. How much does that matter? I dunno. I also have over a thousand pages of script, but the farther out the script goes the more open it is to changes. Not sure how I’m feeling about this.

That and I have this fantasy of pitching to HBO, but I don’t foresee that happening. Besides, HBO is surprisingly bad at sex scenes (see: The Tudors, True Blood).