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Oh, Maddy! You’re too gosh darned cute.

Fanart Friday: Carla (Done!)

I shared the work in progress of this one earlier this week and now she’s dooooonnnee!

Carla is a spunky, badass trans girl from David Willis‘s current webcomic Dumbing of Age. She frequently wears roller skates and zips around being freaking awesome, so I had an incontrovertible need to draw her playing Roller Derby.

Carla is a Goddess



After I had the entire page done, except for backgrounds, I had to redraw Kevin in panel 3. He originally looked rather sheepish, which is so not Kevin. He’s an ambitious kid, but that’s when it comes to things like his music (hence acing the poetry journal). The rest of it? Fuck it. Perfect is the enemy of done, and the time he spends on homework he’s not working.


Amanda's havin' some feels about this ish.

Ms. Singh is pretty cool. Good sense of priorities.


Hi, Professor Singh! Ms. Singh is the 9th-12th grade English teacher at Westlayan Upper School and I suspect she’s quite acquainted with Kevin’s antics by now.

Fun note: my kids have watched a lot of Magic School Bus, so when I wanted to shorten Biiku’s dialogue (she previously mentioned she went to a private parochial school, St. Francis) there was really only one choice.




I almost named this page “Disgusting” but I thought it was a bit negative to follow up “Blech” with, especially since I, personally, don’t think Nancy and Kevin are being all that gross. Okay, maybe a little.



I have this semi-serious intention to write Tomodachi Forever as a novel so that y’all can have it all at once instead of tiny piece by tiny piece, but then when I do the pages I often wind up changing small bits of the script, so then the novel wouldn’t entirely match up. How much does that matter? I dunno. I also have over a thousand pages of script, but the farther out the script goes the more open it is to changes. Not sure how I’m feeling about this.

That and I have this fantasy of pitching to HBO, but I don’t foresee that happening. Besides, HBO is surprisingly bad at sex scenes (see: The Tudors, True Blood).



Well, gosh! What an accident! Goodness.



I don’t even know if she’s on the correct part of the field from that perspective, but I don’t exactly care. I’ll look up all kinds of minutia and research things to death that you won’t even notice, but I can’t for handegg. It’s not happening. Sorry/not sorry.



Page 28! I’m pretty happy with this page, to be totally honest/conceited. It takes me a long time to complete a page, but I really don’t want to half-ass them. It’s a difficult balance because I don’t like making people wait so long for the next pages, and I also realize they’re not as artistically well done as some of the pages that other ages-between-updates artists create. For example: fuck multiple light sources. Just… NO. On the other hand, I puppet warp a lot of patterns to make clothing look like it actually moves with the body, and I personally really like the effect and feel like a total hack if I don’t bother to do it.

And, like, thank Tsuya for LAYERS. I use so many layers. So. Many. LAYERS.