About Tomo

What is Tomodachi Forever?

Tomodachi Forever is a young adult (YA) LGBTQ web comic that focuses on personal relationships and growth. Some of the themes explored are sexuality, racism, gender, economic disparity, mental health, and how all of those things affect our position and experience within society. To cut the academic talk, we’re talking about bullying, depression, and dealing with the general shit of life and the specific crap that comes with being you.

Who’s this story about?

Another focus of Tomodachi Forever is representation. This is a comic about all kinds of people, because representation matters. Not everyone is a cis het middle class white male, and it’s someone else’s turn for awhile. As a bisexual transgender writer and artist, I get it. Things are so much better for us now than, say, when I was in high school fifteen years ago, but it still sucks. It’s still dangerous. We receive harassment, threats, and constant subtle disenfranchisement. Tomodachi Forever is very, very dear to my heart, and it’s for all of us (even if you are a cisgender, heterosexual middle class white male! I firmly believe there’s room for all of us here).

What ages is this story for?

Parental guidance is suggested with Tomodachi Forever, not because there’s gay romance (whoever decided a chaste gay kiss is somehow more “inappropriate” than a straight one is a prick) but because there’s a lot of (fucking) swearing, some “adult things” (non-explicit sexy times), and a decent amount of violence. Think cable TV, but not quite HBO. Though if anyone at HBO ever wants to turn Tomodachi Forever into the next big thing on the fall line-up, I’m all ears.

I need more Tomo. NOW.

Pages take time! Not patient enough? Check out Studio Brassy on Facebook, or you can friend me if you’d like, to get sketch updates and things like that. Art will also sometimes show up over at! There’s also a novelization of the script in the works, so look out for that sometime soon. Current Tomodachi Forever script length is 1,547 pages, and so far I’m getting approximately two full size comic pages per one page of script. That’s… a lot of story. Hence, the novelization project!