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Last page of chapter 3, so obviously I just had to use an angle in the last panel that I didn’t already have a background for.


The chicken scratch next to Kevin in panel 5 reads “r u srs rn??” and “tf kate” which can be read as “are you serious right now??” and “the fuck, Kate?” respectively. It’s presented as-is for aesthetic purposes. Fight me. 😀


Everything is fiiiiiiiine.


I made y’all a page, and none of my coworkers helped! They don’t have thumbs or anything, but still. Lazy jerks. Just look at these slackers. πŸ‘‡


You know what? You KNOW what?? Every student is sitting in this cafeteria right now. So orderly! NOBODY IS WALKING. Nor are there tables adjacent in the camera direction we can see in. They’re all, like, over… there. Off panel. I have spent 48 hours now angsting over the backgrounds for this page and am wholly unsatisfied with them. So screw it.

Please enjoy Maddy’s adorable awkwardness, because Maddy is the GOAT 🐐 and if you don’t agree, just, I dunno. @ me, I guess? Or don’t.


Burrito is Life, or maybe #LunchGoals?

I would also be stricken if my school closed their burrito bar. Assuming I went to school and they had a burrito bar in the first place, which is kind of a stretch, but what are you gonna do? If the CW has 25+ year olds playing their high schoolers, mine can have a burrito bar.


I hate drawing backgrounds

I spent an inordinate amount of time on this page, mostly banging my head against the wall trying to figure out the best way to draw a new complicated background that would be seen from multiple angles and with a zillion background characters milling around. Also, UGH, background characters. 😭

I don’t have a great solution as it stands, but I got to the point where I knew I needed to just suck it up and draw some off angles by hand and let the perfectionism go. It was becoming an excuse to procrastinate and get all anxious over nothing. Anyway, it’s up now! Page 50 is already inked, and 51 is partly inked, so let’s see how quickly I can pump those out if I stop giving myself an aneurysm over the cafeteria. 😀



I wasn’t sure what to title this one since I’m pretty sure “…” would not make a useful permalink. Also, this is the LAST PAGE of Chapter 2! I’m also trying out just putting the full page image on Facebook instead of the teaser image thingy that links to the site. I don’t know how useful it is to have a single page update on Facebook though. My thinking was that you wouldn’t want to see an update if you were behind or something, but then I realized that I frequently find new comics by seeing a page somewhere, liking something about that one page, and THEN I go follow the links and read from the beginning.

So… feel free to share your thoughts on that! I’d love to know what others think. I care less about having page hits on the site and more about more people finding and reading the comic.


Read the mood, Amanda. GEEZ.

Slow clap for Amanda, bein’ a real friendo rn. Good job reading the mood. Also, I lied last update. There’s one more page in this chapter after this page, then we’re on to Chapter 3.


There’s only one page left in this chapter! Not counting this one! Chapter 3 takes place in a new setting sooooooo… I’ve got some backgrounds to draw, y’all. It’s outdoors, but I don’t know if that makes it easier or not. I haven’t decided how much city background you’ll be able to see which is the biggest factor. While I don’t want to be lazy, I also don’t want to spend 20 hours creating scene backgrounds you won’t actually be able to see properly anyway.