A Mountain Out of a Mole Hill

As I was working on next Monday’s page, I noticed something.

First, my layout doesn’t exactly match the script. The panel set up was pretty, but didn’t flow coherently. In fact, I screwed up the flow in an exact way I have screwed up panel flow before, so really… What was I even thinking?!

Most likely, I simply wasn’t. So after some swearing and frowning and editing, I fixed the panel layout for page 3. Then I noticed another itty bitty pencil note on the figures…

An arrow and tiny text… “Ring”.

Because I am an idiot (and because my husband and I don’t actually have wedding bands), I forget little details like putting Sam’s wedding ring on his finger when his left hand is visible. Pretty much every single time I draw him.

At this point I just went…

Fuck This Shit

Yes, thank you Kevin! Fuck this shit, indeed.

In case you were curious, I did already fix Sam’s hand on page 2 and uploaded the corrected image. Resized for the web, his ring is approximately 2.3 pixels across, so that was definitely time well spent! Rockin’. Also, it’s gold so it kind of blends into his finger at that resolution, but if you squint you’ll see it’s totally there. Promise.

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