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Last page of chapter 3, so obviously I just had to use an angle in the last panel that I didn’t already have a background for.


The chicken scratch next to Kevin in panel 5 reads “r u srs rn??” and “tf kate” which can be read as “are you serious right now??” and “the fuck, Kate?” respectively. It’s presented as-is for aesthetic purposes. Fight me. 😀


Everything is fiiiiiiiine.


I made y’all a page, and none of my coworkers helped! They don’t have thumbs or anything, but still. Lazy jerks. Just look at these slackers. πŸ‘‡


You know what? You KNOW what?? Every student is sitting in this cafeteria right now. So orderly! NOBODY IS WALKING. Nor are there tables adjacent in the camera direction we can see in. They’re all, like, over… there. Off panel. I have spent 48 hours now angsting over the backgrounds for this page and am wholly unsatisfied with them. So screw it.

Please enjoy Maddy’s adorable awkwardness, because Maddy is the GOAT 🐐 and if you don’t agree, just, I dunno. @ me, I guess? Or don’t.


Amanda is a Good Friend. πŸ™ƒ

I’m trying out the Facebook preview images again, so if you’ve got thoughts on that hit me below or on Facebook.


Nice friends you got there, Steve-O. But hey, I guess Amanda looks a lot better compared to Mark and Devin. Maybe? Not really? Okay.


Amanda is an equal-opportunity jerk. As Kevin just recently pointed out, The Bros do have their names literally embroidered on their shirts. You’d think that would help. I suppose Amanda would have to give a shit, first. Don’t hold your breath, Matt Mark.


How (Not) To Win Friends and Influence People.


What are people skills? How I mine for friends?

Note: I tried to link to the origin of “How I mine for fish?” in case the younger folks didn’t get the joke, but Know Your Meme apparently didn’t do one on it and all Google wants to give me is one-offs riffing on the joke and articles about how literal mining destroys literal, real world fish habitats. While important information, this is not what I meant, Google. Feel free to ruin the joke and/or tell me I’m not funny in the comments.Β πŸ‘‡