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I’ve been fighting a migraine all day, so nothing witty down here. Carry on, friends.

Half-Assed Rhymes

Fun note: I had learned the E.E. Cummings styled himself as e e cummings, but I double-checked for this page and GUESS WHAT? He utilized decapitalization extensively in his work, but apparently did not extend that to his own name. Here’s more info, for the curious.

Some background links on the name drops in case you’re curious:

E. E. Cummings, poet

Todd Melicker, poet

Josh Ramsay, of pop punk band Marianas Trench

Alex Gaskarth, of pop punk band All Time Low

Max Bemis, of punk band Say Anything.

P!nk, aka Pink, US pop star

What’s-his-name, of hey, there will be always be some new pop star or child actor whose messy transition into adulthood with fame and money is publicly broadcast and we’ll all watch their meltdown, shake our heads, and indulge in copious amounts of judging people we don’t actually know.

I’ve also now broken the 1-word page naming pattern because I try to pull from dialogue on the page and this was worth it.



Amanda's havin' some feels about this ish.

Ms. Singh is pretty cool. Good sense of priorities.


Hi, Professor Singh! Ms. Singh is the 9th-12th grade English teacher at Westlayan Upper School and I suspect she’s quite acquainted with Kevin’s antics by now.

Fun note: my kids have watched a lot of Magic School Bus, so when I wanted to shorten Biiku’s dialogue (she previously mentioned she went to a private parochial school, St. Francis) there was really only one choice.




I almost named this page “Disgusting” but I thought it was a bit negative to follow up “Blech” with, especially since I, personally, don’t think Nancy and Kevin are being all that gross. Okay, maybe a little.



Page 28! I’m pretty happy with this page, to be totally honest/conceited. It takes me a long time to complete a page, but I really don’t want to half-ass them. It’s a difficult balance because I don’t like making people wait so long for the next pages, and I also realize they’re not as artistically well done as some of the pages that other ages-between-updates artists create. For example: fuck multiple light sources. Just… NO. On the other hand, I puppet warp a lot of patterns to make clothing look like it actually moves with the body, and I personally really like the effect and feel like a total hack if I don’t bother to do it.

And, like, thank Tsuya for LAYERS. I use so many layers. So. Many. LAYERS.



Look how polite Amanda’s being! Making introductions and all. Gosh, I bet those two have a lot in common. Punk hair? Check! Body piercings? Check, check! Hmmm, what else? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I promise Maddy gets to speak again soon! She’s a quiet one, that girl. She’s actually a really hard character for me to write because she’s so quiet and I’m… not. Like, at all. Amanda, on the other hand, pretty much writes her own damn self.



Someone should totally start a tally of how many times people blush in this comic. Probably by character rather than just a sum total because it’ll be a really neat visual after awhile. Of course, now I’m thinking about “who NEVER blushes?” and I think there may be a few folks. So either we don’t see them very often, or perhaps I haven’t done a great job with their emotional range since blushing happens for a few different reasons…

Can you guess yet who on this page blushes the most and who blushes the least? I’d love to hear your guess!



Oh, Amanda! Such a doll.

Just FYI, Kate is never wearing that damned ruched shirt ever again. It’s easy enough to shade, but a total pain in the derriere to color. That grey charcoal strip along the top and one side has lots of little lace lines so selecting around that area is time consuming. Sure is pretty, though.