I originally wrote Nancy’s exclamation in Hangul since Korean uses a non-romanized alphabet, but I think this is probably more correct for comic format? I’ve asked a couple of copy editors I know, so feel free to weigh in if you’d like.

Oh, and here’s a little bit on Aigo:


  1. Interesting. When I was at the Defense Language Institute, the teachers taught us “aigoo”. I had never heard of “aigo” until today! “Grandma Kim” said “goo” is a dialect form. I wonder if it’s Seoul dialect or another region. Seoul holds 25% of South Korea’s population, so you would think their pronunciation is the dominant one. (since the majority of media would come from there as well, I would think Seoul’s dialect would be like “BBC English”.) so, do most Seoul residents use “go” or “goo”? Fascinating!

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